Tuesday, December 23, 2008

!!! Financial Turmoil or Moral Degeneration !!!

At the outset of this particular blog, let me admit that I am not from a financial market and my understanding on this is minimal. 

How can so much intelligent people do such a stupid things, land money for home blindly, or speculate so much that they forget the basic, not only basic of economics, but basic of moral as well!

How can companies of like Lehman Brothers and others do such a big blunders and not only ruins themselves but impact tens of thousands of people across globe!

How can country who boost the world with there highest GDP and other Power and keep invading other countries to fulfill there vested interest, kept on seeing this things for years and waited for worst to happen!

Who is responsible for this?

Who will stop white collared people, of today and tomorrow, creating this horrifying menace in the future?

Who will teach world the importance of gratification over greed?

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